Bilingual College / Middle School

Our Bilingual College / Middle School

Open Sky International is a bilingual institution dedicated to academic excellence. We offer a rigorous bilingual curriculum, allowing students to pass French (Brevet des Collèges then Baccalauréat) and English (GCSE then A-Levels) diplomas. We use the latest technologies and efficient working methods, which allow our students to acquire the expected knowledge in all subjects and in both languages.

The Year 7 / Grade 6 class opened in September 2017, Year 8 / Grade 7 in September 2018. This will be followed by Year 9 / Grade 8 in September 2020 and Year 10 / Grade 9 in September 2021, then the high school (lycée) in September 2022.

Our middle school (then high school) works in partnership with one of the 3 best English independent schools, which will allow our pupils to benefit from the beginning of the best teaching in the subjects taught in English and our pupils who wish it to be integrated in the long term in the Anglo-Saxon system with the highest chances of success.


50% of courses are in English and 50% in French:

The subjects "English", "mathematics" and "science" (physics, chemistry, biology) are taught in English, and follow the English National curriculum. In mathematics and science, however, between 25% and 1/3 of the programme is taught in French so that pupils master these subjects and learning methods perfectly in both languages.

As is the case and in the continuity of our primary curriculum, "French", "history-geography", "art" and "sport" are taught in French, on the basis of a programme developed by Open Sky International in order to respect our objective of pedagogical excellence.


Our organization is based on a mix of French and English systems:

  • A first cycle of 3 years (6th, 5th and 4th), equivalent to the English Key Stage 3 (KS3), will allow our students to acquire a solid foundation.
  • A second cycle of 2 years (3rd and 2nd), equivalent to the English Key Stage 4 (KS4), will allow pupils to reinforce their competences.

At the end of the "Seconde" class (equivalent to the English "Year 11"), all our students will take the GCSE English exam in the "core subjects" (= English Litterature, English Language, Maths, Sciences) and in French. Our French and international students will thus benefit from an internationally recognized diploma.


After the "Seconde" / Year 11, students will have the choice between 3 orientations:

  • Pass the French Baccalauréat (series L, ES or S) while continuing to follow an important part of the teaching in English in order to maintain bilingualism.
  • Present English A-Levels in 3 subjects of their choice in addition to French, while continuing to follow a significant portion of French instruction in order to maintain bilingualism.
  • For the best students who wish so, take both the French Baccalauréat and the English A-Levels, with consistency in the choice of subjects between the two systems.


By leaving Open Sky International at the end of Terminale (Year 13), all our students will be able to integrate the best French and international higher education establishments.

If they follow their parents in their expatriation and leave school in middle or high school, they will be able to integrate the best French and international secondary schools.


How to integrate our school?

In spite of our educational excellence policy, we do not put academic barriers in the middle. We do not select children because our role is to help them develop their abilities according to their abilities.

We accept children who are English, French or neither. Based on a previous assessment in French, English and Math, they are either:

  • Directly integrated into the class corresponding their level without a catch-up program.
  • Directly integrated into the class corresponding to their level with a catch-up program, for example if their level in French requires it.
  • Oriented to a transitional period of a few months, or even a maximum of one school year, allowing the child to acquire the necessary linguistic bases. This will be the case, for example, for a student wishing to integrate the school with no or very low basics in English and French and avoid following the normal curriculum due to lack of language skills. In this transitional period, students will enter the class corresponding to their level.

Once in the school, the child is followed individually, the pedagogy being adapted if necessary to the characteristics of each student.