Pre and primary bilingual school

Our bilingual pre and primary school

The philosophy of Open Sky International is based on 5 main points:

  • Real bilingual curriculum: we are one of the very rare real bilingual schools in Paris area, offering courses 50% in French and 50% in English.
  • Very high academic standards: the school offers the very best in French and English education. Our pupils benefit from an international education based on the British, Australian, Singapore and French curricula.
  • An open school without selection: our results are not based on a very strict selection of children. We believe that every child can succeed and that our mission is to help children to learn and achieve a high-academic level. We therefore accept all the children. Even if they arrive without a word of French and/or English, all our pupils become fully bilingual after 2 years at Open Sky International.
  • International philosophy: we welcome children from more than 30 different countries, teach them that they live in a global world. Our pupils are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and global world.
  • Children fulfilment: we believe that there is no incompatibility between high academic level and student fulfilment.


Our policy of pedagogical excellence means that we are one or two years ahead of all public and private schools. At age 4, children can read and write in English and at age 5, they can read and write in French, while in France reading and writing are learned in CP, around age 6. From the age of 2, Open Sky International introduced the concept of addition in mathematics. At the end of kindergarten, the children master both languages orally and have a very good written foundation.

Therefore in primary school Open Sky International pupils master both written and spoken French and English. They also acquire very solid foundations in other subjects: mathematics, geography, history... Open Sky International trains children to succeed in any school system: French, Anglo-Saxon and others.


We also offer chess courses to students from the CE1 / Year 3 / Grade 2. The aim of these courses is to develop:

  • Vigilance and concentration;
  • The structuring of the space and the development of a strategy;
  • Imagination and anticipation;
  • Responsibility;
  • Memory and creativity;
  • The logic and the spirit of synthesis.

In addition to academic excellence, our school prepares children for openness to the constantly changing world: from the age of 3, we offer a teaching of the intercultural concept by accepting children of all origins and by teaching them the different cultures of the world. We believe that children can enrich their peers on their own culture and thus our teachers can support courses where each builds on understanding the other. The classroom is then a place of exchange and sharing.


How to join our school?

Despite our policy of pedagogical excellence, we do not put school barriers at the entrance. We do not select children because our role is to help them develop their abilities according to their aptitudes. To be admitted to Open Sky International, you must be at least 2 years old.

We accept children whether they are Anglophone, Francophone or neither.
Once accepted in the school, the child is followed individually, the pedagogy being adapted if necessary to the characteristics of each pupil. If he needs it, the child follows intensive courses in English and / or French which allow him to acquire in a few months the linguistic knowledge necessary to follow the class normally.

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