Pre and primary bilingual school

Our philosophy

We believe that, starting at their youngest age, children should be provided with the « tools » and the openness necessary to optimise their learning and skills.

At Open Sky International (a Pre and Primary Bilingual School) children work in small groups, and at their own speed, under close supervision from teachers and parents involved in their education.

The child chooses, from among a variety of learning paths, the one that is most suitable to him or her. The program is in English, with introduction to the French language.

In a fun way, we help the children to recognize numbers and letters at their youngest age. For the child, it isn’t work, but a game of discovery and exploration.

What does it mean to go to school in the world of Open Sky International ?

We believe that children’s time in school is best used in providing them with a wide range of creative play activities organised constructively. These activities help them to understand the world.

Teachers and parents help children develop self-confidence and curiosity, as well as their interpersonal and communicative skills.

Self-confidence: teachers are very careful to teach children to become self-confident and to believe in themselves. Doing so is essential to a child’s future, and will help him or her advance academically.


Interpersonal skills: games, stories and songs help children to cooperate and share with others, which can be particularly difficult for children of this age. This teaches them empathy for others from the earliest age.


Curiosity: intellectual curiosity is one of the most important qualities a child needs at this age in order to move forward. Teachers use a wide variety of teaching tools and materials in order to help children develop their curiosity. Recent studies have shown that children’s brains are rendered more “alert” by stories that are short, or unexpected activities, which train them to be attentive and to ask questions.


Communication: expressing and showing one’s ideas, feelings, and knowledge of the world is primordial for children. It is at the heart of learning reading, writing, science and math. When children express ideas confidently, they are more open to learning and become more willing to learn, thus leading to further communication.


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