Why choose Open Sky International ?

Choose us for your child

Why should you choose the Open Sky International Bilingual School for your child?

Chiefly because our program is superbly designed for the best intellectual and physical development of your child. Our staff is well educated and experienced. The school’s location and its environment offer all that a child needs. The didactical materials are the Montessori Method’s original teaching tools.




It is based on Maria Montessori’s scientific studies. This method lays the groundwork for developing academic skills. Children learn to act as self-confident, competent, critically and creatively thinking individuals:

  • The program is conducted in English
  • It provides personalized, effective and dynamic instructions.
  • The syllabus offers a variety of individualized learning topics. Through observation, we can tell the child’s profile. We can easily judge the best orientation to undertake in order to favour your child’s progress.
  • The French language is introduced as a subject through a variety of activities such as songs and outdoor activities...


Cross cultural Awareness

Along with the Maria Montessori Method, at Open Sky International Bilingual School, children will be exploring other cultures, and various cultural aspects in specifically designed curriculums:

  • Music
  • Visiting culturally significant sites
  • Dance
  • Reading stories and histories
  • Costumes
  • Viewing slide.


PE (Physical Education)

Thanks to our outdoor courtyard and spacious classroom, P.E activities can be practised either indoors or outdoors.

For the benefit of children, the Open Sky International Bilingual School sponsors professional gymnastic sessions.


Pedagogical Trips/Visits

We organize regular trips to places such as the Trocadero Aquarium, botanical gardens, the Doll Museum, Air & Space Museum, Paris Science Museum, and different art museums.

We will be very happy to receive your child and to accompany him through his first school years.



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